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ladli laxmi yojna full details

Chief Minister Laxmi Ladli scheme

Chief Minister Laxmi Ladli scheme

Lakshmi Ladli Scheme (November 15, 2011, applicable), under the provision of the first daughter or second generation institutional delivery in the family
The daughter or daughter of both deliveries, the daughter of the mother, who is the son of the birth, has been married for 5 consecutive years, 6000 rupees per year, with a total of 30,000
The money through the postal deposit scheme is to be deposited by the state government.

Application Procedure

  • The applicant will be notified in the available form in his nearest Anganwadi branch.
  • Birth certificate, income certificate, BPL, with validation. The relevant certificate will be attached to the list.
  • In the case of orphaned child, in the orphanage / guardian's office, the guardian of an orphanage by the supervisor, ȯ a year and a child in the orphanage
  • The age of 6 years will be fixed by the concerned project officer till the previous year.
  • In case of second generation child labor, in case of child marriage / sterilization / sterilization by the mother's parent, the relevant certificate should not be required.Will happen.

Benefits of terms

  • Parents are the original natives of Jharkhand.
  • Poverty ratios are not exposed or annual income is not more than 72000 rupees.
  •  After two children, the family planning has been adopted by the couple.
  • If both parents have died, then the condition of family planning will become imminent but the death certificate will be required.
  • If it is the orphan / adopted child, then it should be considered as the first child. Even if it is connected, it will be valid if both the children are there, then this scheme will be valid for both.
  • In other cases, it will be valid only if the parent or guardian has a certificate of sterilization attached to it.
  • The registration of the birth of an orphaned child will be valid for 5 years.
  • The birth of one year will be inevitable in the year, the matter of birth of one year old is not valid.
  • If the scheme is implemented, ȯȯ ȯ in the first year i.e. in 2011-12, the benefit of the scheme will also be borne out of which the child was born on 15.11.2010 or
  • This has happened after Ȯ Only years ȯ will be applicable for the year of implementation of the scheme.
  • Delivery is institutional and birth certificates are organized by the concerned hospital and the competent panchayat / town council.

Note :

  • If the child's determination is correct, but the plan can not achieve the desired gratification at any level i.e. 5th, 8th,
  • If the former students of the 10th, or 12th class are outgoing, then the benefits of immediate impact can not be given to that scheme.
  • If the marriage of the child is 18 years old, the fire will not be entitled to any benefit.
  • If there is an inferiority of childhood, then the family will not be entitled to benefit.
  • In such a case, all the money / deposits will be deposited in the State.

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