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Welcome to Dumka – The Land of Temples

Welcome to Dumka – The Land of Temples
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Welcome to Dumka – The Land of Temples
This is one of Jharkhand's most glorious districts in the state which is a symbol of being the sub-capital of this state. Dumka - As the name suggests, there is a district surrounded by it, within the elevated hills and the foreign forest. This land of temples is a famous health hill station situated at an altitude of 472 feet above sea level. It has an excellent climate and beautiful views around it. This district is a perfect blend where anyone can see the glory of nature and the heritage of the glorious past of Indian tradition. It is quite natural that enthusiasts and tourists come from many other places to pay for the visit of this city. Located on the hills of "Damin-e-Koh", this region is full of many mountains, rivers and valleys. One can definitely appreciate the diverse flora and fauna of this city. This district is very important in religious terms. People from different states go to the religious, historical and archaeological site of this district. Baba Basukinath Temple, Maluti Temple etc. are mentioned in the diary of all traditional devotees. The district is perhaps one of the first to play a leading role in the freedom moment. Dating back in the year 1785 and walking up to 1855 or 1942, there are huge emotions that can certainly charm your huge patriotism. The stake in the country's economy takes care of the fact that there is adequate agricultural and abundant minerals in rice and beautiful district. Construction material is found abundantly here, which can play a leading role from the industrial perspective. Tomato, potato, jack fruit, spinach, eggplant, cauliflower, etc. is the foreign presence of vegetables. It is quite possible that tomato ketchup can be put in tomatoes passing through Dumka in homes. This district has more than 30% forest area. It is full of medicinal plants and trees. Long bamboo trees can be sparking lights for forest based industries. Deep inside, a Taser silk plantation can also be found, suitable for apparel processing centers. Unlike metropolitan cities, there are narrow streets, scattered buildings, small markets, etc. But here people can have a deep feeling of affection. Everyone here has "time" for everyone. The city has preserved the basic morality of Indian culture, the traditional Indian assembly and the only conservative lifestyle for our society, which is gradually escaping new India.

General Characteristics of the District

Dumka district, Jharkhand's administrative district is headquartered in Dumka. After the formation of new Jharkhand state, Dumka district was further divided and Jamtada sub-division was upgraded as a separate district. This district is situated between 230 45 'to 240 38' (north) latitude and 860 20 'to 870 75' (east) longitude. Dumka district is surrounded by the following districts of Jharkhand Bihar and West Bengal: -
  1. North : Sahibganj, Godda (Jharkhand) and Banka Bihar)
  2. East : Pakur (Jharkhand) and Burdwan (West Bangal)
  3. South : Jamtara (Jharkhand) and Burdwan (West Bengal)
  4. West : Deoghar
Total Geographical Area – 33716.02 Sq.Km.

Forest: The area under the forest in Dumka city is approximately 120 Ac63 acres or 4.2050.2 hectare which is mostly barren. Dumka is the divisional and district headquarters of Dumka. For administrative purpose the district is divided into 1 sub-division and 10 nos. is as follows:
  1. Dumka
  2. Gopikandar
  3. Jama
  4. Jarmundi
  5. Kathikund
  6. Masaliya
  7. Ramgarh
  8. Ranishwar
  9. Saraiyahat
  10. Shikaripara

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