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Koderma District

about Koderma District
Koderma District

Koderma District Profile


This district is surrounded by 24015'46 '' and 240 '49'18' 'N latitude and 85026'01' 'and 85054'16' east longitude and spreads in the area of ​​approximately 1500.00 square kilometers. It is surrounded by Nawada district of Bihar in the north, Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand in the south and Giridih district of Jharkhand in the east and in the west of Gaya district of Bihar.
deputy commissioner
Dr Bhuvnesh Pratap SinghDeputy Commissioner Koderma
General Administrative Divisions
Koderma district has a sub-division, Koderma and 5 (five) revenue division. The district has been divided into 6 (six) developmental divisions for developmental administration: Koderma, Jaynagar, Chandwara, Markchow, Domchanch and Satgawan. There are 717 villages (Seven Hand 70) and 109 (one hundred nine) Panchayats.
Physiology, Flora and Fauna
Koderma District is located at an altitude of 397 meters above sea level in Chhotanagpur Plateau. This area exhibits the emerging topography including hill, hill, plains and mounds. The Koderma reserve forest is occupied by the northern part of the district. The highest peak lies Debor Valley (677 meters) which is the state border of Jharkhand & amp; Bihar.
From Hazaribagh plateau, from Jharkhand to Bihar, from the south to the north, The rock on the edge of this plateau has been cut deeply by innumerable streams. There are many types of reels and gulis of different types such as figure or shoe-lace gulli
The Barak river flows from W to E in the southern part of Koderma district and supports the Telia Hydal project, a multi
Objective construction on this construction. Ponchakhara, Keso, Akito, Gurio, Gukna Nadi flows east from river west, which are the main tributaries of Barkar river.
Sakri river is the main river of northern part of the district, which flows south & East to Northwest Gagna Nadi, Chhotanari Nadi, the tributaries of Sakri river are the rivers. Mahua, banyan, sakhua, palas, peepal, neem, dates, bamboo are the herbs of this region and are cow, bull, buffalo and goat creatures. Although leopards, bears, pigs, deer and horse coderma are found in the forest area of ​​reserve forest.

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